Big Thanks!

Starting Fixx has been an amazing journey not only in creating a company, but also finding out that there are so many unbelievable people in the world.  It has been super scary and super exciting all at the same time.

The journey would have been much more challenging without the help of so many different friends.  Some friends are new and some have been around a little longer but each one has humbled me with their friendship and support so I want to thank them all for their generosity of spirit and time.  

They are in no particular order but all are very dear.


  • Dianna and Roy Ryan

  • Mischelle Messenger

  • Lorra, Gary, Garis, Garett, and EmmaLee Tanner

  • Andrew, Deborah, Gavin, Dylan and Elaina Messenger

  • Granny and Papa Jones

  • Grandma Ceal and Papa Bud

  • Jim Economides

  • Andrew Smiles and Stephanie Mitchell

  • Karen Daseke

  • Rich Wilk

  • Carolyn Faye Fox

  • Andrea Effenson Pyenson

  • Tzurit Or

  • Carol Brownman Sneider

  • Kim Winklemayer

  • Christopher Elbow

  • Michael Recchiuti

  • John Doyle

  • Charlie Apt

  • Derek Poirier

  • Andrew Shannon

  • Jonathan Marks

  • Chris Sinclair

  • Anthony Valla

  • Bill Kinnealey

  • Lauren Burns

  • Stefanie Gerken

  • Kevin Astle

  • Juliana Press

  • Kristin, Jason, Owen and Riley Baadsgaard

  • Uncle Denny and Aunt Sharon Jones

  • Tish Boyle

  • Tracey Noonan

  • Joanne Chang

  • Santosh Tiptur

  • Chris Belland

  • Paula, Tim and Maggie Gearan

  • Eileen Scafidi

  • Jeff James

  • Shawn Ford

  • Jose and Anna Duarte

  • Adam Liebman

  • Sara Ross

  • Patty Tung and Joe Simon

  • Brad Brown

  • Scott Lucey

  • Alison Watkins

  • Eric Case

  • Ellie O’Keefe